I hired Cynthia to take pictures for my son's baptism on May 25,2013 To start off she text me the day of the even at 2:14 pm (she is supposed to be there at 4 pm) to tell me that she couldn't make it by that she was sending a photographer. During the even as I'm talking to the photographer he tells me he does not even know her she hired him last minute from Craigslist.

After the even I emailed her on June 2 to get an update on my pictures and she informed me that it takes 10 days and she would send me a link, after that it was text and email that I would randomly send her to get an update and she would not respond. On June 19 I got a text message forwarded to me saying that the photographer that took the pictures at my even wanted to know if I still wanted the pictures because he still had them because Cynthia never responded to him when he tried to contact her to get paid and give her the pictures. I text her on June 20 and asked her for an update and she had the nerve to tell me she was done and going to email me a link with my pictures (I don't know how if she didn't have them) I told her ok but she needed to send me the link that day or I wanted a refund her responds was ok. Guess what?

I didn't get a link so I texted her on June 21 that since she couldn't deliver on our contract she needed to refund me my full amount, she had the nerve to tell me that she only refunds 50% and since I was asking for the full amount she would have to get her business lawyer and the cops involve to investigate. Investigate what? That she didn't do what she was paid to do! I told her that was fine.

And today June 24 here we are one day short since the day of my even and yet no picture. She is a total scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cynthia Cruz Photography Photographer.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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Here's her number 562 6860679..

Everyone needs to make a police report..

She works at la habra police department answering phones


I wish someone would let me know where she works. She has a lawsuit out against her.

to Anonymous Huntington Beach, California, United States #1191189

She works from home. I still have her info






Cynthia Cruz/Cindy Haro currently works (sits on her *** at a booth) at Knott's. She somehow got into the security dept.

where she is being investigated for multiple issues. She has been scamming another ex employee out of money & emotions. She claims to be ex-military, which upon research is false. She is not a photographer or a veteran.

She is a disgrace to both professions. She is not only a fraud but a military groupie. She's not capable of performing real officer duties at Knott's so she works graveyard & sits in a booth, hiding & staying trying to stay below the radar.

Hopefully the people she has committed fraud against will have their day. Another bottom feeder that will eventually be fully exposed.

to reality #1116750

Hello do you know where she works?

to reality Vista, California, United States #1337014

is there any way I can get info she just did my wedding and my father is really sick and I cant get any pic please help

Los Angeles, California, United States #886368

Anonymous, feedback and common law it sounds like you are defending her ? I think I know who you are?

Santa Ana, Santa Ana, El Salvador #734004

Sounds like this *** just got EXPOSED. It's unfortunate that these hard working individuals got scammed on what's supposed to be a blessed day. I would recommend that civil and criminal action be taken on her.

La Habra, California, United States #701392

your BF/ Husband works @ ULC Limousine in Buena Park.

ask for Cruz

Los Angeles, California, United States #669475

Cynthia Cruz is a scam she commits fraud it happen to me at my wedding and I have come in contact with someone else she is doing this to! Please contact me so we can all sue her don't let her intimidate you she is nothing but BS!! She steals money easily!! Please don't hesitate in contacting me


And I put her on yelp so all the people she is commiting fraud to can write reviews !!!

to Ally #727457

She works at Los Alamitos military base and her real name is Cindy Haro

to Mmmmmmmmmmmm Los Angeles, California, United States #768270

They told me she's a volunteer, we should get a TV news to make a story about her so everyone know who she is and w hat she looks like and especially what she doing :(

to veronica Los Angeles, California, United States #770549

I wouldn't do anything and drop the drama she hired a private investigator, and sent a sheriff to my home and work to serve me court papers she's getting everyone for slander and defamation of character (google it)its a crime you may have her adderess but she most likely has yours to. you can make yourself "anonymous" but since she is working with law enforcement closely they can easily track your IP Adderess on the computer, cellphone, laptop, ipad you use. Be Careful!!

to veronica Long Beach, California, United States #770555

If media gets involved in which I highly doubt she will become famous people love drama and like to get to know the person other people go out of their way to make him or her look bad. if you go to her home she can get you for harassment, if you say something bad about her in a "written form" she can get you for slander, if you come in direct contact with her she can get you for assault and battery, is it worth the time, the trouble, the arrest, the court hearings, and it will be on your record trust me she isn't worth it. Sometimes its beneficial to study your common laws before doing something dumb.

to Ally Chino Hills, California, United States #770565

"And I put her on yelp so all the people she is commiting fraud to can write reviews !!! "

Wow you actually did that?

You created a Yelp account about her?

and your admitting it? That's Illegal.

to Ally #1312197

I am being scammed and harrassed by her and her daughter I recently sent you an email

to Tricia Los Angeles, California, United States #1312200


to Ally Vista, California, United States #1337017

I need to speak to you she just did this and my father is sooo sick and I cant get not 1 pic of him

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